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States of Matter: Daily Life Applications

Subject       : Science Form 1
Topic          : Chapter 5; Matter
Sub-topic    : Changes of the states of matter in daily life

Teaching & Learning Strategies : Contextual Learning, Science, Technology & Society
Students' Activities                     : Group discussion & presentation

Induction Set 

There are three states of matter: Solid, Liquid and Gas. 
Matter can change its states when there are changes in heat, either heat is absorbed or heat is released. 
Students are asked to state and name all processes involved in the changes of the states of matter. 


Teacher discusses some examples in daily life involving the changes of the states of matter

Group Discussion 

Students are divided into 6 groups 
Each group is given an envelope with 2 cards inside. 

One card shows a picture of daily life application. 
Another one card consists of questions needed to be discussed in group. 

So, the students are guided and know what to discuss and present afterwards.
Each group gets different applications and questions.  
(the pictures and the questions are printed from the power point presentation slides) 

The number on each envelope is the number of turn for group presentation. So, there's no need for the students to draw numbers to take turn for presentation. 

Group Presentation 

All members of the group / group representative present their group work. 
At the same time, a power point presentation is shown to the whole class including the pictures and the guided questions.

Group member present their idea. After that, teacher shows the actual answer.

* download all the materials at the end of this post. 


States of matter plays an important role in our daily life. We experience the changes of the states of matter daily, yet sometimes we don't really pay attention to it and don't quite understand how the scientific concept applied in some situations. So, now can you name some of the daily life applications and the process involved? 

Daily Life Applications for the Changes of the States of Matter 

1. Making ice-cream 
2. Preventing ice-cream from melting by using dry ice 
3. Drying the cloths 
4. Moth balls 
5. Cloud formation 
6. Fog / dew formation 
7. Melting the snow on the road 
8. Making ice-cream without freezer 
9. Keeping can drinks cold longer 
10. Formation of water droplets outside glass / on the mirror / on car screen 
11. Gel air freshener 


All the explanations for the applications and the concept are discussed in accordance to the syllabus of KSSM Science Form 1. Explanations are short and simple to enhance students' understanding. The focus is mainly on the changes of the states of matter. For more detailed explanations, can be discussed with higher level / excellent students. 

Teaching Materials: 

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